September is here, and that means fall is just around the corner. As we prepare to move into the colder months of the year, it’s worth remembering that colder weather is known for adding extra strain on car batteries. In an effort to prevent an untimely failure this fall or winter, let’s take a look at some signs it’s time for a car battery replacement!

Slow Starting Engine

A slow starting engine is often the final warning sign that a car battery is hanging on by a thread. Is your car hesitating a bit before finally starting? Perhaps the lights flicker a bit, and you hear unusual sounds? If this is the case, you should seriously start considering making an appointment with your favorite mechanic for a battery replacement before your car completely fails to start.

A Bad Smell

If you begin to notice a bad smell coming from your vehicle, it could be due to a variety of factors – including battery issues! Leaks can happen if batteries corrode, and they are often accompanied by an unpleasant sulfur like smell. To check if your battery is suffering from corrosion, simply take a look around the posts (where the (+) and (–) cable connections are located.) After removing any white, ash looking substances, your battery will likely resume normal operation.

Check Engine Lights

The battery and engine are independent components of a vehicle, but as it turns out, a check engine light can really mean just about anything. If your check engine light is ignited, don’t rule out battery issues as the culprit. This is especially true when your vehicle is otherwise operating perfectly fine.

Your Battery Is Old

A car battery can last up to six years, but that kind of durability is an outlier rather than the norm. Once your battery reaches the age of three years, you’ll want to have its condition inspected each year to prevent any untimely failures. Naturally, you want to get the maximum amount of mileage out of your battery, but only when those miles come safely and reliably.

Replace Your Car Battery with Churchill Auto Care

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