Whenever our team performs maintenance for our customers, we always look around the vehicle to see if there is any additional service that the vehicle could benefit from in the interest of safety and longevity. Most commonly, we’ll discover the need for services like brake preventative maintenance, oil changes, as well as tire maintenance. In this blog, we’ll cover the importance of brake maintenance, and why you should always stay on top of it!


Surprise! The brakes are the only part aboard the vehicle that can safely bring you to a stop, so this reason alone should be compelling enough to stay on top of brake maintenance. Even still, it is estimated that roughly 300,000 car accidents per year occur due to brake failure in the US alone. Of course, it’s quite possible that some of these failures were fluke incidents. Even still, it’s worth taking the extra time and money to preserve yourself and your loved ones from harm by taking the necessary steps to avoid the potential for a brake related accident.

Driving Comfort

In some cases, worn brakes can compromise the driving experience. Here are a few pesky symptoms that signify it is time to roll into the Churchill Auto Care garage:

  • Grinding sound under braking
  • Spongey or unresponsive braking performance
  • Pulling left or right under braking
  • ABS dashboard light ignited
  • Unusual brake pedal vibration

Investing in Your Vehicle

The goal of most car owners, including those at our shop, is to maximize the lifespan of their automobile without having to break the bank unnecessarily. To do so, it’s worth staying on top of brake maintenance when performing other routine maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes. The upfront investment in the reliability of your vehicle will protect you and your wallet down the line. For example, it’s possible that the unusual feeling of your brake pedal can be eliminated with a simple change of brake pads. However, if you continue to use worn brake pads over time, you will likely be looking at a significantly more expensive repair bill with the addition of brake rotor damage and other potentially costly issues.

Ensure Your Car is Safe with Brake Preventative Maintenance from Churchill Auto Care

If you are unsure whether your tires should be replaced, give us a call! We offer excellent service at a fair price for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs.  To schedule an appointment, please visit our site, give us a call at (301) 620-7620 or text us at (301)-804-6035!

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