“Nothing beats that new car smell.” The words that Peyton Manning once sang are still true today, but it’s become harder than ever to enjoy that new car smell due to the worldwide chip shortage. In fact, even that used car smell is hard to achieve due to price hikes across virtually every make and model, new and used. So, here are a few tips for 2022’s car shoppers!

Wait it Out

If you absolutely need to upgrade your car right now, then this tip isn’t for you. However, if you don’t necessarily need to upgrade at this time, it’s truly never been a better time to wait- even if it’s just a few months. Experts expect the market to begin normalizing in the second half of 2022. Car prices have genuinely never been higher, so it may be worth a little upkeep to keep your current car running smoothly until prices return to more reasonable rates.

Expand Your Search

Even if you are prepared to pay a little extra to enjoy a new car in early 2022, you may have trouble finding the exact car you were hoping to purchase. For those just beginning the car shopping process, we recommend keeping an open mind to a hand full of car brands, sizes models, trims, and color choices. If you cast a wide net and stay patient, you’re bound to find the perfect fit in due time.

Get Creative with Cost Savings

These days, you will likely find that car dealers are very firm with their prices. They may not even offer any discount whatsoever below the sticker price. Consider getting the maximum out of a trade-in by asking around at local dealerships and choosing the highest offer. You may be surprised by how big of a return you earn in this climate!

Additionally, rigid car pricing may create the perfect opportunity for you to negotiate favorable terms for your monthly car payment. Check out these savvy tips from Kelly Blue Book in order to come prepared for financial negotiations to save yourself money as you pay off your new investment.

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