Replenishing gas in your car all the time isn’t cheap. Luckily, purchasing a new hybrid vehicle isn’t the only thing you can do to make sure you’re getting the best fuel economy possible out of your vehicle. Check out our tips for keeping you’re fuel efficiency up and your gas payments down!

Eliminate Unneeded Weight

If you store a lot of items in your trunk, that weight adds up quickly and can hinder the fuel economy and performance of your vehicle. The same goes for unused trunk bike racks and roof racks. If you don’t use these racks much in the winter, consider storing them until spring rolls around. The reduced weight and drag will likely make a noticeable difference in your fuel economy.

Stick to the Recommended Fuel and Oil Type

Some drivers believe that premium fuel is the best choice for their car no matter what. This simply is not the case. Car manufacturers thoroughly test their designs to determine the most ideal type of fuel for each car they manufacture. As such, you should always refill your tank with the fuel type that your owner’s manual recommends.

Your Tires Matter!

Believe it or not, tires actually play a key role in keeping fuel economy low. If your tires aren’t making perfect contact with the road surface, your fuel economy is likely suffering as a result. The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to routinely check your tire pressure to ensure it is balanced across all four tires at the recommended PSI. Keeping up with your tire alignments once every two to three years will also ensure your tires are making proper contact with the road and boost your fuel economy by as much as 10%.

Limit Your Speed

We’re not saying you should be driving 45 miles per hour on I-70, but making an effort to reasonably limit your speed is a great way to boost your fuel economy and keep yourself safe. For manual drivers, consider driving in the largest gear your vehicle can handle without stalling at that given time. Sure, driving in a lower gear gives you the ability to rapidly accelerate when needed, but there’s no need to put the extra strain on your engine in casual driving situations.

Improve Your Fuel Economy with Churchill Auto Care

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