When it comes to unpleasant surprises, we would like to offer our submission for the most unpleasant of them all: starting your car on a hot summer day only to discover that your AC is no longer functioning. That is a burden we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy, and it’s a burden we certainly want our customers to avoid as well! Luckily, it’s unlikely that your AC will suddenly stop working overnight. If you keep a lookout for the following symptoms and address them right away, you should be able to steer clear of any untimely AC failures down the road!

No Air or Warm Air (Surprise!)

Okay, let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. If you turn up your AC only to receive a whole lot of nothing or a blast of warm air, there are a host of issues that could be affecting your AC system. If this is the case, don’t panic! Many of the possible issues have simple fixes that your mechanic can complete in one simple visit, whether it’s a refrigerant refill, cooling fan repair, or even debris removal from your AC unit.

Strange Noises

If your AC is making strange noises despite remaining functional, be sure to avoid ignoring this warning sign. Some drivers simply turn their favorite playlist up a little louder than usual to cover it up, but that “fix” won’t come in handy in the event of a total AC failure. Instead, head over to your trusted mechanic. Whether debris is causing the noise, or a part is reaching its breaking point, it’s best to address these issues as they arise.

Unpleasant Smells

Turning on your AC should be a refreshing experience. If your AC is bringing a foul odor into your vehicle, it’s probably not a coincidence. This could be occurring due to the presence of mold on the unit or a dirty cabin filter in need of replacement.


Leaking is the final warning sign that it’s time to have your vehicle inspected by a professional. This leaking could be coolant escaping onto the road below, or it could even leak water inside the vehicle itself. In any case, AC leaks will only worsen over time and lead to a larger repair bill as the situation deteriorates.

Ensure Your Car’s AC System is Ready for Summer with Churchill Auto Care

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