In a perfect world, you would be able to choose any auto repair shop at random and trust that the staff would deliver the level of quality and attention to detail that your vehicle needs to run smoothly over the long haul. However, not all repair shops are created equally. How can you make sure you’re dealing with a shop you can trust?

Check Reviews

Reviews should be one of the first things you check out when choosing a repair shop. Ultimately, if you see an overwhelming amount of neutral to negative reviews, you should probably continue your search. If you find a shop that primarily receives positive reviews, your chances of receiving high quality, friendly service at a fair price are much higher.

Experienced Mechanics

When a mechanic services your vehicle, it shouldn’t be a learning experience for them. You should be able to enjoy the peace of mind that a seasoned mechanic who knows the intricacies of your vehicle is the one turning wrenches. The About section of your mechanic’s site should give you a clear idea of their level of experience. 

Ask About Their Warranty

Your goal should be to find a shop that believes in the quality of their work. A great way to gauge this is to inquire about their warranty. Churchill Auto Care offers the best warranty you can find in Frederick, MD! In addition to covering our service for 36 months (or 36,000 miles), our Nationwide Warranty through TechNet Professionals also provides our customers with a Roadside Assistance Reimbursement, at no cost!

Ask About Repair Timeline

When you bring in your car for a repair, be sure to ask for all alternatives and an estimated timeframe for each of them. A legitimate repair shop will easily be able to create a price estimation for you and provide a reasonable timeframe for completion of the work. 

Friendly Shop Dog

Every repair shop should have a friendly customer greeter! At Churchill Auto Care, you will be greeted by Ollie, our Certified Good Boy. After Ollie makes you feel welcome, our mechanics will take it from there and ensure your vehicle receives top notch service. 

Choose Churchill Auto Care for an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

If your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs, give us a call! We offer excellent service at a fair price for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs. To schedule an appointment, please visit our site or give us a call at (301) 620-7620.

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