From the moment we drive our brand-new cars off the lot, key parts begin to slowly wear. Routine service such as tire replacements and oil changes can usually slow the wear and tear on our vehicles, but there are a few parts most drivers don’t give a second thought until something goes wrong. For example, when is the last time you thought about the condition of your suspension? Unless your car has begun handling unusually, perhaps you’ve never given it a second thought. So, let’s look at a few signs your car may be dealing with suspension issues.

The Difference Between Shocks and Struts

Your suspension is made up of two main parts: shocks and struts. Shocks are designed to keep the vehicle stable over rough terrain by absorbing any bumps that the tires contact. Struts work in conjunction with shocks to support the weight of the vehicle, keep your wheels align, and guarantee smooth steering.

While shocks and struts share different purposes within your suspension, they do share one thing in common: supporting over three tons of weight can begin to wear them out as the years and miles pile on!

Signs Your Suspension Needs to Be Serviced


  • Thumping noises over bumps. When drivers hear thumping noises as they drive over bumps or potholes, usually tire issues are their first thought. However, it’s entirely possible that the thumping you are hearing is actually, your struts functioning improperly due to wear.
  • Uncomfortable ride. Is your ride feeling more bumpy than usual? We promise the roads aren’t as bad as they feel. We can help you determine whether a strut issue is the true source of this bumpiness.
  • Irregular tire wear. You may not notice a strut issue, but there is a good possibility your tires will. If a strut is malfunctioning, the corresponding tire will likely wear at a much faster rate. Don’t be surprised if this also causes your car to naturally drift from center.


  • Distracting vibrations. If you are dealing with a shock issue, chances are you will be reminded of it quite often in your travels. If every tiny bump feels unusually noticeable to you, it’s time to have your shocks observed by a pro.
  • Fluid leakage. Like many parts of the car, shocks require a specific type of fluid in order to function properly. Sometimes the seal cracks, leaking fluid onto the shock and even onto the ground. If you notice fluid around your shocks, a shock replacement is very likely in your near future.
  • Irregular drifting under braking. If you brake in a straight line, your car should stay in a straight line. If it tends to pull one way or another, it is possible that your shock absorbers are malfunctioning, causing an uneven transfer of weight under braking. As a side effect, this also means that some tires are working harder than others to bring your car to a stop, causing increased wear.

Ensure Your Car is Safe with Suspension Maintenance from Churchill Auto Care

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