Hybrid cars are a great option for those who aren’t ready to fully jump on the electric bandwagon just yet, but still want to make an environmentally conscious automobile purchase. Like any type of vehicle, however, hybrid cars are prone to their own unique types of failures and repair challenges. While this shouldn’t deter you from buying one of your own, it still worth keeping in mind the things that could go wrong after purchasing a new or used hybrid vehicle. After all, internal combustion, hybrid, and fully electric cars all use unique parts and systems to make us go forward. Its only expected that each type of car would then suffer from their own distinct complications. Let’s go over them!

Long Term Battery Concerns

Hybrid technology is improving all the time, and you can expect decent mileage out of a brand-new model with a fresh battery. However, this was not always the case. Back in the earlier days of hybrid cars, battery malfunction and failure would creep in before the vehicles even reached 80,000 miles. What does this mean for you? We recommend using caution when shopping for older used hybrid cars. Don’t get fooled by a low price tag only to have to make a pricey battery replacement shortly after making your exciting new purchase.

More Frequent Recalls

Recalls are simply part of the automotive industry. However, it’s no secret that they take place more commonly with developing technology than established industry staples. While recalls can be serious, most of the time they involve minor bugs that surface after the public has extensive time testing new vehicles on public roads.  After minor tweaks, you should be back up and running in a fully safe vehicle.

Engine Related Issues

Since hybrid vehicles are equipped with an internal combustion engine and a supplemental battery, they are prone to all the maintenance issues we’ve come to expect with traditional road cars. Often times, a failed O2 sensor is the culprit after continuous miles of driving with erratic heat cycling. If you notice your gas bill rising (apart from the normal inflation we have come to expect), you can begin to suspect something is wrong with your hybrid vehicle’s engine. Luckily, such issues are often accompanied by a check engine light, signaling that it’s time to head over to Churchill Auto Care.

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