Getting a flat tire is not the best way to start or end your daily commute. Things can go from bad to worse if your flat tire occurs on a busy highway. While we all dread this situation, it’s still a scenario that we should be prepared for. How can you stay safe when your car has a problem?

Driving with a Flat Tire

Driving on a flat tire can easily cause further tire damage or even harm the wheel itself. As such, you should try to get to a stop as soon as you reasonably can after you realize one of your tires has gone flat. As you do this, be sure you don’t slam on the brakes too aggressively. The lack of air in one of your tires significantly alters the balance of the car, making sudden changes much more difficult to safely execute. Pay close attention to the drivers around you as you navigate to the nearest shoulder area. Once you’ve made your stop in a safe area off to the side, you’ll of course want to turn on your hazards right away. 

After You Safely Pull Over

Once your hazard lights are on, it’s time to address the flat. With busy highway conditions, you should only attempt to perform the tire change yourself if you’re already familiar with the tire changing procedure and there is ample space for you to make the change. If not, it’s probably best to not risk it and call for help. As you wait for assistance to arrive, it’s best to wait inside your vehicle. Waiting outside can pose serious risks with heavy traffic passing by only yards away. 

Staying Safe in General

Most of the time, you probably won’t be the person whose accident or flat tire is holding up traffic for miles behind. It’s more likely that you will be one of the people waiting in the resulting traffic. In these scenarios, it’s very important to use extreme caution as you pass the vehicles at the side of the road. It’s every driver’s responsibility to slow down or change lanes to avoid the risk of seriously harming someone performing a tire change at the side of the highway. 

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