After a collision, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover some obvious damage on the exterior of your car. Not all accident damage is so blatant, however. There is a lot that can go wrong after a crash that you can’t actually see. So, how can you detect hidden damage? In most cases, you’ll be able to feel that something isn’t quite right as you are driving. Here are a few examples of common unseen damage that could be affecting your vehicle.

Abnormal Steering

After a collision, be sure to pay attention to the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Pay particular attention to your steering wheel, as the steering system is very sensitive. Even accidently running over something small on the road that may seem like it would cause no damage, could potentially cause the alignment to go out at the very least. If your steering wheel gravitates to one side, vibrates, makes noises, or feels wobbly, there is probably a hidden issue causing this effect. Common culprits of these issues are tie rod end damage, stabilizer end link damage, wheel damage and a damaged frame.

Bumpy Ride

Is your ride starting to feel bumpier than usual? This is another common symptom of hidden crash damage. This is usually a clear sign your suspension has been damaged in the crash and requires a fix or replacement. Don’t put this service off, as a damaged suspension system can put you at increased risk for losing control of the vehicle.

Difficulty Closing Trunk/ Doors

After a collision, be sure that all exits of your vehicle are in working order. Not only is a malfunctioning door or trunk unacceptable for day-to-day use, it can also signify that a vehicle has incurred frame damage. As such, be sure to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible if you are having difficulty operating its trunk and doors.

Leaky Fluids

Okay, technically you can see leaking fluids on the surface beneath your vehicle, but usually not until the vehicle has been moved. Since this damage is fairly common, albeit only slightly hidden, we wanted to include it in our writeup! If you notice a darkish red fluid under your car, it is most likely transmission fluid. This is an issue you’ll want to correct as soon as possible, as the transmission is crucial to your car’s overall functionality.

Tire Misalignment

Even a minor crash can be enough to cause tire misalignment. If your ride feels unbalanced or your car has a tendency to pull to one side or the other, this could be the issue at root. These symptoms will only magnify as your tires age, and their overall lifespan will be reduced if the issue is not addressed.

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