In order to keep a vehicle safe and reliable, routine tire changes are necessary. However, it can be tricky to tell when your tires are worn out and it’s time for a new set. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of signs to look out for so you can replace your tires before dealing with dangerous blowouts or inconvenient roadside tire changes. Feel free to use this as a guide when inspecting your own tires for potential replacement.

Fading / Bad Tire Tread

It is crucial that your tires have plenty of tread. The purpose of tread is to provide channeling for water flow to maximize grip in poor weather conditions. Without substantial tread, water has nowhere to travel and vehicles are much more prone to hydroplaning.  Tires without substantial tread will perform worse in dry conditions as well. If you find that you struggle for grip in any situation, it is likely time to upgrade to a fresh set of tires.

Consistent Leaks

Do you find that somewhere along the lifespan of your tires, they require more frequent air refills? This could stem from issues that you don’t want to let slip by. Oftentimes, it can be a symptom of a weak seal between the tire bead and the rim of the wheel. This commonly leads to abrupt blowouts, a result that no one wants to react to while on the road.

Aged Tires

Driving with older tires can result in unpleasant ride characteristics like poor grip and vehicle shaking. Most tires have a maximum duration of 6 to 10 years. Around this time, these driving characteristics usually start to surface. In addition, you may notice the appearance of tire cords on your tires. This is a sign that the tires have become weak, brittle, and could be susceptible to failure at any time.

If you are unsure how old your tires are, look very closely near where the tire and rim meet. Chances are you will find a 4-digit number present. The final two numbers are the year that the tire was manufactured. If you see that your tires are dated somewhere around 10 to 15, you should pay very close attention to the physical characteristics and handling of them; it is likely that your tires are worn out and it will be time to replace them very soon.

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