Noticing a few drops of oil on the pavement after you move out of the driveway? This issue may be easy to ignore at first, but it can easily grow into a more serious problem without a prompt repair. After all, high-quality, clean oil is one of the most important factors to ensuring your car stays reliable in the short-term and keeps racking up thousands of miles in the long-term. Moreover, no one likes the sight of a driveway covered in oil drops!

Why is My Car Leaking Oil?

  • Oil Filter Related Issues. Over time, oil filters wear out which makes them unable to continue trapping engine contaminants. Those contaminants still have to go somewhere, which means they’ll likely begin entering seals and potentially cause oil leaks.
  • Damaged Gaskets or Pans. Your car’s oil pans and gaskets are located at the base of the engine, meaning repeated agitation from daily driving can begin to damage them and cause a leak.
  • Improper Installations. Damage over time isn’t the only thing that causes leaks. Sometimes, an incorrect installation can do the trick as well. This commonly occurs if gaskets are overtightened, or the tightness is not evenly distributed.

Fixing Your Oil Leak

If you notice your car is leaking oil, it’s always best to bring it in for service sooner rather than later. Those pesky oil stains in your driveway will only worsen over time, and even that is only a slight inconvenience compared to the risk of reaching critically low levels of oil and seriously damaging your engine.

Naturally, a simple oil change won’t do the trick and prevent further leaking for this issue. Instead, our team will troubleshoot and identify the source of the leak and then deliver the fix. The cost for this service typically depends on the severity of the leak, further highlighting the importance of early detection and remediation. Naturally, our mechanics always provide an upfront estimate to give you peace of mind that we’ve pinpointed the exact issue causing the leak, and that we’re taking the appropriate steps to ensure your engine never reaches dangerously low levels of oil due to a leak.

Schedule Your Oil Leak Repair with Churchill Auto Care

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