Have you received notice from the MVA that your car is soon to be due for its biennial emissions test? We’ve decided to create this blog to offer some tips to prepare for your upcoming emissions test. While traveling to your nearest MVA VEIP location and waiting in line for your test isn’t the most fun weekend task to complete, this list will help you ensure the process isn’t drawn out any longer than necessary. After reading this blog post, you’ll be all set to pass with flying colors and be on your way for the next two years.

Maintenance to Perform Before Your Maryland Emissions Test

Prior to your emissions test, there are a few basic tasks that every car owner should perform to maximize their chances of passing on the first attempt:

  • Install a new air filter
  • Perform an oil change
  • Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Ensure that your gas cap is installed and that it properly fits
  • Remove unnecessary items from the trunk
  • Go for a drive of around 20 minutes prior to the test

What if I Fail My Maryland Emissions Test?

If you fail your emissions test, don’t panic! There are a hand full of reasons why your car could have failed, but your trusted team of mechanics at Churchill Auto Care can diagnose the issue and deliver the fix! Here are the most common reasons for failure that we have come across:

  • A worn-out gas cap that no longer fits securely
  • Faulty vacuum hoses and vents
  • Failed air injection system
  • Faulty ignition system due to lack of maintenance
  • Rich fuel mixture stemming from leaking fuel injectors or excessive fuel pressure
  • Faulty oxygen sensors

Ultimately, you will be given 120 days to complete any necessary repairs and retake the MVA emissions test at your preferred MVA VEIP location. After a visit to Churchill Auto Care, you’re sure to pass on that second attempt and secure your registration renewal for another two years.

Please note that while state mandatory testing can’t be done through a shop (only through MVA VEIP stations), Churchill Auto Care is qualified to repair any emissions failures.

Get Your Car Maryland Emissions Test Ready with Help from Churchill Auto Care

If you are unsure whether your car will pass the Maryland Emissions test, give us a call! We offer excellent service at a fair price for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs.  To schedule an appointment, please visit our site, give us a call, or text us at (301) 620-7620.

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