Living in Maryland requires drivers to be quite adaptable to changing weather conditions. Of course, our winters are often quite unforgiving and force us to make our commutes in the snow and ice. Additionally, as we’ve seen this year, even the summer presents challenges with unexpected rainfall around any given corner. How can you improve your driving in poor weather?

Drive Slower Than Usual

Naturally, driving in the wet makes vehicles more prone to losing grip and hydroplaning. Driving a little slower than you would in the dry greatly increases your chances of avoiding skidding when coming to a full stop. Plus, it buys you a little extra time to react to hazardous situations as they arise in real time.

Plan for Delays

As you have surely noticed, driving in poor weather almost always increases the length of a trip. If you expect bad weather along your route, consider alternate routes just in case your expected route experiences increased traffic. Additionally, plan to leave a bit earlier than you otherwise would. The extra time often keeps driver stress levels down, decreasing the chances that they will be involved in an accident along the way.

Make Sure Your Car is Prepared to Perform in Bad Weather

When it comes to driving well in bad weather, the car itself is a major factor. Fresh, properly aligned tires are key for maximum grip and car predictability. Additionally, dirty headlights and worn windshield wipers can significantly reduce visibility. Make sure you avoid both of these, as clear vision is critical for detecting obstacles with time to spare in rainy situations.

Pull Over if Needed

If the downpour you are traveling through is so severe that finding grip or even seeing out of your windshield is a massive struggle, there is nothing wrong with simply pulling to the side of the road (in a safe, visible spot) and waiting out the storm. Ultimately, it is better to be a little late for something than it is to risk a dangerous crash.

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