Cars themselves are not the cheapest of possessions. In fact, they’re one of the more expensive purchases most people make in their lifetime. With that in mind, we understand why the opportunity to spend more money for an oil change than required doesn’t excite most car owners at first. However, there are a few compelling benefits you may want to consider before ruling out synthetic oil for your car!

What is Synthetic Oil?

While the name implies that synthetic oils are man-made, that is only partially true. Synthetic oil starts out as highly refined crude oil just like conventional oil. However, refinement processes and additives are used to give the oil several advantages over its traditional counterpart. Most cars designed for the general consumer do not require synthetic oil, though they do specify that there may be benefits associated with opting for the pricier option regardless.

The Most Noticeable Benefits of Synthetic Oil

  • Less friction between engine parts, resulting in slower engine wearing
  • Reduction of oil deposits
  • Better functionality in colder weather
  • Withstands higher temperatures than conventional oils
  • Lasts longer between oil changes than conventional oils

On the Fence About Synthetic Oil?

With all these advantages, surely everyone opts for synthetic oil, right? Not exactly. With the cost of the oil sometimes up to six times greater, it’s easy for many buyers to take one look at the price tag and go for the more affordable option. We’re all for saving money whenever possible, so we’ve decided to outline a few situations in which choosing a premium synthetic oil or synthetic blend is advisable if you are on the fence:

  • Your car manual requires the usage of synthetic oil
  • Your engine is older and more prone to sludge buildup
  • You live in an area with extreme cold temperatures or hot temperatures (or both – Hello, Maryland!)
  • You make a lot of short trips, potentially preventing your engine from burning off conventional fuel impurities

Even if your vehicle meets none of the above criteria, a synthetic or synthetic blend oil are still the best choices for any engine. If you’d like to explore your options at your next oil change with Churchill Auto Care, we’re more than happy to help!

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