Modern vehicles are great at notifying us when it’s time for our routine oil changes. Unfortunately, those dashboard notifications are also pretty easy to ignore. You can do a lot of damage by ignoring this alert, however. What can go wrong if you keep putting off or even skip your routine oil change?

Thermal Breakdown

Oil does a lot more than just keeping your vehicle running smoothly. The primary purpose of motor oil is to keep the engine lubricated and move heat away from the engine. When we drive over extended periods of time without an oil change, the oil gets heated and re-filtered constantly. As we continue to drive over the recommended oil change limit, the oil loses its ability to act as a lubricant in a process known as thermal breakdown.

Once thermal breakdown starts to occur in your oil, that means that it will likely occur in critical (and more expensive) components next. As such, you should routinely check your oil just to be sure it’s still usable.

Increased Engine Wear

When old oil is moving throughout your engine, sludge has a tendency to build up. When enough sludge accumulates, it can restrict oil flow into key areas like crankshafts and pistons. This will very quickly begin to wear out these parts. Even if you don’t drive your car all that much, sludge can still build up if you go an extended period without an oil change. When drivers wait long enough, sludge can even start to build up inside the filter itself, signifying that an oil change and a new filter are desperately needed.

Don’t Procrastinate! You’ll Save Money in The Long Run

There’s really no downside of keeping up with your oil changes. It’s cheap, fast and will save you so much money in the long run. Here is a list of parts that can wear to the point of failure when oil change notifications are ignored:

  • The engine itself
  • Pistons
  • Oil pump
  • Engine head gasket

Each of these parts cost significantly more than an oil change, so it makes the most sense to keep up with the routine maintenance for the sake of your wallet and the life of your vehicle.

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