The state of Maryland requires drivers to pass an emissions test every two or three years, depending on the age of the vehicle in question. If you are approaching the deadline to have your vehicle inspected, here are some general tips you can use to ensure you and your car are ready to pass!

What Are Vehicle Emissions?

Vehicles that run on gasoline emit a variety of air pollutants that contribute to environmental issues and health problems.  Many states, such as Maryland, regularly test vehicle emissions in order to limit the levels of pollutants produced by each vehicle.

Should I Bring My Vehicle to a Professional Beforehand?

If your vehicle has failed the emissions test in the past, or you are unsure whether or not you will pass this time around, it makes perfect sense to bring it in to a professional for a pre-inspection test. This is especially true if your check engine light is lit.

Generally speaking, your vehicle has a very good chance to pass the test if no engine related dashboard indicators are lit. However, it is certainly within the realm of possibility for a car with no dashboard indicators to fail. This is most common in older vehicles, so be sure to bring it up next time your car is in for service if your emissions test is in the near future.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Fails

Vehicles can fail emissions tests for a variety of reasons. If your vehicle fails the test, it’s time to bring it to a professional mechanic. Certified mechanics like those at Churchill Auto Care have the ability to perform diagnostic tests in order to narrow down the potential issues in your vehicle. Once we’ve identified the issue, we have the tools and expertise to rectify it so that your vehicle passes its inspection next time around.

Most Common Reasons for Failure

If your vehicle has failed the emissions test, don’t panic. The most common failures can actually be addressed fairly inexpensively. Here are common reasons for failure that you won’t have to break the bank to address for your next emissions test attempt:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Dirty air filter
  • Defective check engine light

Trust Churchill Auto Care with Your Vehicle Emissions Service

If your vehicle needs maintenance, give us a call! We offer excellent service at a fair price for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs. To schedule an appointment, please visit our site or give us a call at (301) 620-7620.