It’s no secret that premium gas can be quite expensive. Have you ever considered going for the cheaper options instead? If your car requires a specific type of fuel, we absolutely advise against it. What could go wrong if you don’t use the right gas?

Types of Gas

On the surface, regular and premium gas are actually pretty similar. They are both highly combustible solutions made from crude oil. The big difference between the two of them is their respective octane levels. Regular gas is rated at 87 octane whereas premium gas usually comes in at 90 or higher. The higher the octane level of gasoline, the less likely the gas is to ignite before it should (often resulting in engine knocking).

Using a Lower Octane Than Recommended

Does your manufacturer recommend filling your car with premium gas? This means that your vehicle is designed to be powered by either high-octane gas or regular gas. Bear in mind that when you opt for regular in this case, you are likely missing out on performance and fuel economy benefits. Additionally, if you notice engine knocking when running on regular fuel, you should consider upgrading to mid-tier or premium fuel.

Using a Lower Octane Than Required

If your vehicle requires premium fuel, you should be sure to always choose premium. Filling your premium only vehicle with regular gas can actually trigger engine knocking so significant that parts of your engine could suffer damage. In many cases, such damage is often not even covered by manufacturer warranties.  While premium fuel is a little more expensive up front, it is much less expensive than covering costly engine repairs out of pocket.

Using a Higher Octane Than Required

If your car does not require premium gas and you elect to use it anyway, your car will not be harmed in any way. However, you will receive no notable mileage increases or performance boosts. Thus, the only notable difference is the price increase. For this reason, the best move for both your wallet and your vehicle is to stick with regular gas.

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