The brake pads in your vehicle are a key part of the safety systems that are present to help you stop quickly and prevent accidents. While you will eventually need to replace your brake pads as part of normal maintenance, if your brake pads wear prematurely it might be a cause for concern. Here are some of the common reasons why your brake pads are not lasting as long as they should.

Your Driving Patterns

If your brake pads wear prematurely, the way that you drive may be part of the problem. The bad habits that you’ve picked up and the conditions that you drive under make a big difference in how your brake system looks. How much time do you spend sitting in stop-and-go traffic? Do you often drive downhill for long periods? When you find yourself braking, are you often slamming on them instead of slowly compressing the pedal? All of these things can cause rapid wear. When possible, adjust your driving habits.

Skipping Brake Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to protecting all parts of your vehicle, and the brake system is no different. If your brake pads wear prematurely, you might not be bringing your car in for maintenance frequently enough. Brake pads that are low-quality can also lead to rapid wear. When you visit Churchill Auto Care, we will take care of aligning your tires and performing all types of maintenance that ensure your brake pads last as long as possible before they require repair.

The Quirks of Your Car

Unfortunately, sometimes cars have quirks that are not discovered until the model has been out for a while. For example, some VW models are known to need brake replacement almost 10,000 miles sooner than similar vehicles. If you find that your brake pads wear prematurely, talk to your mechanic and do your own research online to see if car owners of the same vehicle have the same problem. You might be surprised to find that you aren’t alone. In some cases, this issue may be covered under warranty, which may offset your out-of-pocket costs.

Keep Your Brake System in Excellent Condition with Churchill Auto Care

If you find that your brake pads wear prematurely and are not sure what the problem is, give us a call! We offer excellent service at a fair price for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs.  To schedule an appointment, please visit our site, give us a call, or text us at (301) 620-7620.

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