Tires are the only thing that physically connects our vehicles to the road surface. As such, the alignment of tires has a strong impact on vehicle safety and comfort. Why should you be sure to keep your vehicle up to date with a proper tire alignment?

What Is Tire Alignment?

In a perfect world, our tires would always be centered within our wheel wells. This would ensure that our tires would always meet the road at the perfect angle. However, wear and tear over time begin to knock our tires out of alignment little by little. The purpose of tire alignments is to reset the tires back to the center of the wheel well as it was when you drove it off the lot. Keeping up with routine tire alignments comes with a host of benefits for you and your vehicle.

Improved Ride Quality

Do you ever feel uncomfortable vibrations in your vehicle as you drive? There’s a good chance this is due to improper tire alignment. Vehicles also have a tendency to pull to either side once an alignment is due. Each of these things are nuisances to you and your passengers but luckily, they can usually be eliminated with a simple tire alignment.


While vehicle vibration and involuntary steering wheel pull are uncomfortable inconveniences, they’re also a major safety concern. Compensating for atypical handling characteristics can take your focus off of the traffic around you and potentially lead to accidents or unexpected tire failures.

Cost Savings

As we said earlier, tire alignments ensure that our tires are centered within our wheel wells. If they’re not, that means that our suspensions work harder on our tires and wears them out faster. No one enjoys having to spend money on new tires, so prolonging their life as long as possible through routine tire maintenance is clearly worth it in the long run.

Improperly aligned tires also cause our vehicles to work harder in general. As such, you may even notice an improvement in fuel efficiency after your tire alignment.

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