Even if you haven’t made the switch to a fully electric car, there’s no question that your car’s electrical system plays a vital role in safely and reliably getting you from point A to point B. Whether it’s starting your engine, adjusting your mirrors, or even charging your phone, our vehicles simply wouldn’t be the same without a well-functioning electrical system. So, let’s look at a few common occurrences that signify something is probably awry with your car’s electronics.

Dead Battery

No surprises here! A dead battery is the most common and easily detected electrical-related issue. You shouldn’t automatically swap out a dead battery without making some other checks throughout the vehicle, however. It’s entirely possible that your battery is still in good condition and that your electrical issues lie elsewhere. Schedule a diagnostic with a trusted mechanic before making the switch!

Bad Alternator

The primary purpose of your car’s alternator is to ensure the battery fully recharges and provides electrical power while your engine is running. A bad alternator will lead to a variety of difficulties, potentially including dimmed headlights, trouble starting your car, loss of power steering, and loss of air conditioning. Depending on the car, a faulty alternator could even cause the vehicle to shut down while driving.  Don’t ignore this potentially dangerous issue!

Fatigued Starter

If your engine won’t start, a faulty battery is usually the prime suspect. However, a faulty starter could also be the culprit. If you hear a series of grinding or clicking sounds as you attempt to start your engine, this is likely the issue.

Blown Fuses

If you’ve owned your car for long enough, you’re sure to blow a fuse eventually. Usually, this leads to minor electrical issues, including loss of interior lighting, radio, or turn signals. Luckily, this is an easy and inexpensive fix. Even still, multiple blown fuses in a short period of time could be a symptom of something more serious occurring in your electrical, system. Be sure to take your car in for an examination and repair to prevent any further damage!

Bonus Tip: Smell Burning Plastic? Don’t Ignore it!

When your car displays any of the symptoms outlined above along with a burning plastic smell, don’t ignore it! Prolonged driving with a serious electrical issue will inevitably lead to further damage. Schedule your electrical service with Churchill Auto Care to keep you and your vehicle safe for miles to come.

Fix Your Car’s Electrical Issues with Churchill Auto Care

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