You walk out to your car on a cold, snowy February morning to clear your driveway and brush the snow off your car. Then, after all that work, your car hesitates to start until finally sputtering out. Why does this always happen on the coldest days? Most likely, it’s no coincidence! Here are a few reasons why many cars fail to start in the cold.

Battery Drain

The cold weather can deplete your car’s battery by around 50%. With this much weakening, it’s no wonder they can struggle to get going at times during the winter. Luckily, our batteries charge as we drive. If you manage to get your car started with jumper cables, you may be able to squeeze in your commute to work and build up enough battery charge to start your car once again at the end of the day. Don’t tempt fate too much, however! You may end up stranded again, so it’s best to prioritize a trip to your trusted mechanic.

Thick Oil

Freezing weather also causes the oil in our cars to become thicker. As such, it becomes more difficult to circulate through the engine. If you frequently run into this issue, it may be worth looking into a synthetic oil with better cold-weather properties. If you are unsure which oil to pick up, Churchill Auto Care is happy to help you make the decision. Of course, we’ll strictly adhere to your vehicle manufacturers recommended viscosity rating for best results.

Frozen Fuel System

Ideally, no water will enter your fuel system at any time. It usually takes place, you guessed it, when the weather drops below freezing. Essentially, temperature fluctuation leads to a condensation build up within the gas tank. Once it freezes, the fuel pump can become fully jammed and prevent the car from starting. You may be able to get the car started once again, but you’ll want to consider a checkup to ensure complications haven’t arisen from water entering the fuel line. The easiest way to prevent this pesky malfunction is to keep your gas tank relatively full. This way, there will be less surface area where water can condensate.

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